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Job Description

  • Provide one on one tutoring
  • Teach Organization and Study skills
  • Work a minimum of 5-15hrs a week
  • Coordinate with teachers
  • Create individual lesson plan for student
  • Motivate Students to want to learn, achieve, and be self-motivated


  • Expertise in at least one specific subject area
  • Minimum of 3.0 GPA
  • Previous tutoring experience
  • Punctuality and self discipline
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Passionate about being a mentor and working with students


  • Great Pay
  • Set your own tutoring schedule
  • Get compensated for driving (over a central mileage)
  • Rewards - Gift cards, T Shirts
  • Up to $50 for referrer bonus

* For faster consideration for a tutoring position, follow the instructions carefully and complete the form accurately

Personal information:

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This new feature lets your Tutoring Coordinator know exactly what mileage range you're willing to drive to meet with a client. This is a new feature on GradeGetter and will assist with the new "Instant Assign". The higher you set your drive distance, the more clients you are likely to get. Remember that tutors get compensated for driving or transiting over a certain distance or time respectively.
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If you select "Alert Assign only", your Regional Coordinator can only assign you a client if you click "Interested" in an alert. If you select "Instant Assign", your Regional Coordinator can assign you a client without you responding to alert if you meet the following criteria:
- Can tutor the subject they need help with
- If your profile indicates you are accepting new clients
- Your schedule matches their availability
- If they are within your drive/transit distance.

There is no need for an RC to create an alert since they already have a tutor to work with that client.
NOTE: Tutors with "Instant Assign" are more likely to get assigned a vast majority of new clients than tutors with "Alert Assign Only." You will be notified that you have a new client each time so you are able to inform the RC when you think you have a full client load and wish to accept no more clients at that time.
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Completing profile:

Very Important Note: For faster consideration for this position, make sure you follow the description and example before completing the profile section of this application. This is your first impression and it's very important to us and our clients. Place your mouse on "?" for description and on "View Example" for examples.

In this portion of the tutor profile, we encourage tutors to be creative yet professional. Fun facts can include anything interesting or unique about the tutor: hobbies, interests, etc. Tutors may list as many fun facts as they would like. All tutors are required to write at least three sentences. This is an opportunity for the tutor to show a little bit of their personality to their clients.
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"One passion people quickly learn about me is that I LOVE golf! Any time I have a chance, you will find me playing or studying the sport. I am the oldest of seven, and have never been out of Texas. Although I am horrible at it, I enjoy singing and dancing. Someday soon, I hope to learn to swing dance."
This should include the following if applicable: Name of your university, your major, year in school or graduated, GPA if 3.5 or above (general GPA or Major GPA), plans after college, career goals, awards, recognitions and leadership roles.
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"I am a senior Accounting major at Texas Christian University. I've been on the Dean's List for 2 years in a row! When I graduate, I hope to attend the University of Texas is Arlington to earn my Masters in Accounting. My ultimate goal is to become a Certified Public Accountant."
A paragraph with a minimum of "eighty words" describing your tutoring experience.
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"As a member of National Junior Honor Society, I had the opportunity to tutor students bi-weekly in all subject areas during my senior year in high school. Upon entering college, I was eager to begin working with students again, and volunteered my time teaching small children at the local Elementary schools surrounding TCU. Working for Frog Tutoring gives me the opportunity to impact even more lives of students that need help! "
A paragraph with a minimum of "eighty words" describing your tutoring approach
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"As a child, I struggled in school and found learning to be difficult and demoralizing. In middle school, I was fortunate enough to have a teacher who, through positive encouragement and persistency, helped me realize my true potential. As a tutor, I attempt to bring this attitude to all of my sessions. Instead of giving students answers, I feel it is my responsibility to guide them to solutions, ask lots of questions, and not only teach them the content, but study skills that will help them be successful in all classes! "

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The picture should be clean, well-lit, and with you as the only subject of the picture. We also need to be able to see your face clearly, as this is how the clients will recognize the tutor upon first meeting. Fun and silly photos are absolutely okay as long as we can see your face distinctly. Instagram shots are okay as long as the background is neat and composed, bathroom mirror shots are not. Photo size requirements are 480 (width) x 640 (height). Please make sure photos are not sideways or inverted upon loading as this will impede your verification process until corrected.
Put your college transcript file and your SAT/MCAT/ACT/GRE results into a ZIP file